A WiFi that does more for your business than any other tool.


There are over 23 billion devices connected to the Internet.

In 2016, there were approximately 7 billion people living on the planet and over 23 billion devices connected to the Internet which is an average of 3 devices per person.


Nikola Tesla predicted this legendary innovation: 

When wireless is perfectly applied to the whole earth it will be converted into a huge brain,” Tesla said in a 1926 interview. 


Successful people jump at opportunities and take advantage of them.

The phrase taking advantage is often misconstrued as something negative.

It doesn’t always have to be perceived that way.


Let me clarify.


Here’s a fact – 65.6% check their phones up to 160 times per day.

We engage in our virtual world not only for fun or to waste time. 

We also await the call from our overseas friend we haven’t talked to in a while, or we have to send our CV and apply for the position we’ve been longing for.

Free WiFi is therefore essential for your customers.

In fact, they expect it. Make sure they have the experiences they need.



Ok, so… You read the data, but how can you use it?

Ultimately, we live in a business world. 

You want to sell your products and services and ensure your family’s well-being.

Smart WiFi automated tool gives you the opportunity to capture your customers’ data once they log in to the WiFi. 

You use this data to know exactly how your customers feel and eventually provide them with the best possible solution.


You see – this is a win-win situation.


The best thing about this tool is that it allows you, once you evaluate the data to present your best offers while they are already in the store or even when they are close by it.


Since customers leave their email before they are allowed to log in, you can use these emails to your advantage and send them targeted and well-thought-out campaigns to keep them updated at all times.

You can even send them a thank you message for being loyal customers.

The bottom line is both the business and customers have the chance to benefit.


How to set it up?


On Point Pay is a merchant service company that offers 11 Marketing Automation Tools to its clients free of charge. 

The first step is to schedule a call and you’ll be guided through the whole process by one of our lovely people from the marketing team to see if you qualify.


Once your qualification is approved, the process starts. 

The WiFi system is very easy to set up, so there is no need to hire technicians and thus have additional financial costs.

What you do get is the remote assistance and monitoring so you are secured through every step when you implement it.



*With Social WiFi marketing, our clients see an average growth of 20% within the first month.



Custom reports feature gives you a detailed view of key metrics and accomplished results.

Keep track of the progress your company is making with the WiFi system.

And don’t worry.

Control your Smart WiFi for all locations from one dashboard. 

Keep all of the information you’ve gathered in the CRM.

That way you build a relationship with your customers who in return show you loyalty by being regular clients.


When you are ready to gather data in a fast, simple and unique way,

schedule a call with On Point Pay.


How do you develop trust and credibility with customers?

Add value, build credibility and gain trust


Email Marketing Automation tools track a recipient’s behavior

within your email campaign. 

Now you can have the bigger picture of each lead’s journey

though your funnel which lets you plan more 

targeted campaigns based on observed behaviors.

The title of our blog is taken from a book called “Email Persuasion”, written by a marketing coach Ian Brodey.

We’ve learned a lot from reading the book and now we want to share our knowledge with you.

He mentioned that he had lots of traffic to his website and not so many clients. 

He tried to avoid email marketing for so long because he thought it was “old hat”.

Ian had a conversation with one of his friends whose advice was using email marketing. 

He took it eventually and after months he saw an increase in enquiries. 

It was a long road for him from seeing email marketing as an “old hat” to having his engagement rate with his email subscribers increase.

Now, he states that 70% of his coaching clients come from email marketing.


Why does Email Marketing work?

Why does Email Marketing work?

Before we explain Marketing Automation let’s state why email marketing works in general.

First of all, everyone uses email.

It’s often the first thing people check before anything else on social media. 

Secondly, email is personal.

Generated email tends to be overlooked by recipients. 

They have no effect. 

But being personal doesn’t only mean calling them by their first name.

Because email automation makes it possible to track and measure email, you can find out who is opening your emails, who is clicking your links, and who is buying from you.

You can make adjustments and improve your strategy based on facts. You will have just enough information to create messages that are tailored to your audience and appeal to their interests and their current needs.

Email marketing has been a powerful tool for building relationships and driving sales

As Ian states in his book, the key reason that email works is that email marketing is perfect for follow-up.

Follow-up is a way to show your prospect you care and it gets you sales.

People need to trust you with their business first. So you need to be persistent and follow up. Some people buy at first purchase, a lot don’t.

Only 2% of sales occur at a first meeting.

The remaining 98 percent will only buy after they have built up their trust.

What can Email Automation do for businesses?


With Marketing Automation you can send a series of emails automatically triggered by the actions of your subscribers. 

These emails are timely, hyper-relevant, and personalized. As a result, they are opened more frequently, they drive visits and revenue for your business.

Email Automation tools can be so powerful 

if used correctly.

You could:

  • Generate leads
  • Send Personalized, One-One Communication
  • Reach Your Customer
  • Email Gets Read and You Get Seen
  • It’s Not Expensive
  • Drive traffic to your landing page
  • Set It and Forget It — Well, Almost
  • Track and Measure Results
  • Easy to Segment and Send Targeted Messages

Segmenting and A/B Testing in Email Automation

How to improve email open rate with segmenting and A/B testing?


Email segmentation allows you to segment people into groups based on similar behavior and traits. 

It’s very important to do this step before sending your campaign.

By doing so, you can send highly targeted, personalized content to your leads.

Your leads are in different stages of the funnel.

This is the main reason why segmentation works and brings results.

A/B testing is another technique that can help you because this way you’ll be checking which version performs better.

Testing different subject lines and body of the text canactually help you in the long run.

Therefore, keep in mind that 

you’re wasting your time, energy and resources

 if no one is responding to what you’re publishing.

Talking in a language that your leads resonate with 

and sending them automated emails/texts is

 a step closer to them becoming faithful customers.



Is Marketing Automation going to give you results?

Yes. Having said that, let’s dive in deep.


It’s vital to listen to and understand customers’ needs.

Times are changing and businesses need to be up to date with the trends.

Following trends and implementing them in your projects can help your business immensely. 

It can give you a better insight into what you are doing well or wrong and how to fix it.

As we mentioned, trends are changing and your customers expect you to be professional and have them in mind too.

Is Marketing Automation going to give you results?

Why are companies using Marketing Automation?

It may come to you as a shock but 36% of small businesses still don’t have a website. 

Even so, we all know that customers are online.

Before buying anything, we either hop on the website or the Instagram Page before we make a decision.

We suppose that the product or service we need must be online. 

We look at everything.

From the product itself, the people who are selling it, the design, the tone of their business.

All of it counts in that moment of deciding whether I am going to take the product from the XYZ company or simply their competitors who aroused interest in me more quickly.

It took people a lot of time to even consider the concept of digital marketing. 

They were confused in its very beginning wondering if this makes any sense at all.

Those who took the risk first are now thriving. 

They gave it a try because they listened.


Those business owners realized where their customers were shifting to, so they followed.

Now, we have a very similar situation with Marketing Automation.

Again, people are behaving skeptically.

Marketing Automation won’t replace your marketing team.

Quite the opposite in fact. 

It’s going to empower the team by saving tons of their time so that they can now focus on acquiring more knowledge on the side and add more value to the company.

Even direct their attention to the creative part of the process which also has its perks. 

Marketers can now qualify the hot leads more accurately and faster, pass them onto sales resulting in higher revenue and greater growth.

What can be automated

by implementing Marketing Automation?


Marketing Automation Features

Emails are not the only thing that can be automated.

There are other features that automation allows you to manage and they are:

  • Landing page creation
  • Cross-channel marketing campaigns
  • Lead generation
  • Segmentation
  • Lead nurturing and scoring
  • Cross-sell and up-sell
  • Retention
  • Website personalization
  • Smart Line
  • Smart WiFi
  • Reputation Management

Listed this way, these tools may seem confusing.

They have many benefits that you may not even be aware of and how powerful they can be in helping you understand your customers better thus increase revenue.



Why is customer engagement important and how can it benefit your business?

It is too obvious that customer engagement is a crucial thing. 

How else can you get loyal customers and invoke potential ones?

The 21st century is the time of “customer is always right” 

besides that consumers expect brands to be attentive 

not only to their needs but to anticipate them, as well.

Getting to know your customers

is the first step and also the key to successful


Meet their needs, make sure they are heard, 

show them you care, and that you would do anything 

to help them solve their problems.

Why is Customer Engagement so Important?

As mentioned before, engaged customers are loyal customers. 

This means they will provide you with brand growth, 

they will always rely on your services, 

plus they’ll literally become your walking ads. 

Yes, if the customers are satisfied,

there’s a big chance

they will spread a good word about your business, 

thus attracting a targeted group of consumers.

Brands that cultivate customer engagement 

emphasize value creation 

by connecting with customers 

on a more meaningful level than merely selling.

Let’s check out the best ways 

on how to increase customer engagement!

1. Personalized messages 

and communication

Put yourself in customers’ shoes. 

Would you rather like to

receive an automated computer message 

or one with a personalized and friendly tone?

Thanks to the technology, this could be done in several ways

like personalized emails and messages,

social media accounts, in-product messaging,

and also by using the customer support.

Numerous channels are offered 

and you can choose whichever you like the best.

But, if you want our recommendation, 

in-product messaging has proven to be the most effective.

Well, in-product messaging 

or IPM sends messages to the end-users 

that are directly tied to their internet-connected device. 

These messages can be about informing,

 getting feedback, or marketing as well.


Receiving messages is done on different devices like computers, 

smartphones, iPads, or tablets.

The advent of new channels, including IPM, 

enables companies to reach customers 

during the most critical moment,

whether it’s a marketing message or customer support related.


2. Increase customer engagement through a WiFi connection


If you let your customer use Smart WiFi

you are just one step closer

to increasing the number of loyal customers.

This automatic tool can create

a greater level of customer engagement 

while capturing their data 

and promoting your products and offers.

Additionally, you will be able

to reward your customers for sharing your products 

and offers on social media via this method.

3. Engage the most influential users

Even if you are at the beginning of your business, 

you are probably having a few engaged users.

Those users can also be your friends or your connoisseurs,

that can help you with your promotion. 

Or even the loyal customers 

that are there from the very beginning.

With their involvement,

you can create some of the most innovative 

and mutually beneficial relationships.

When it comes to product launches, 

this strategy has proven particularly effective.

Because both sides can have a good benefit. 

You can let customers see a preview of your product 

while in exchange you ask them to help you promote it 

on social media accounts or various blogs.

4. Provide VIP customers with special promotions 

and introduce a reward system


If you are not sure who your VIP customers are, let us help.

A VIP customer is not always the one

who is in alignment with your brand, 

but certainly is one of your top consumers.

Those users are usually the ones

that are there from the very beginning 

are kind of “permanent” consumers. 

They have used your services many times 

and they always come back for your products.


This is the way to detect your VIPs 

and know that they are the key

to spreading the good word

about your business to other people.

As mentioned above, the “permanent” customers 

are not one-time consumers

and because of that, they should feel special. 

Therefore, you are ensuring

and retaining loyal customers 

while targeting potential ones.

You can achieve all that 

by getting to know your customers.

By determining the needs 

and motivations of these VIP customers, 

you will have gained long-term value

that is crucial to the success of your business.


Be careful when doing this. 

If you somehow go in the wrong way, 

you might lose them. 

So, remember this, remarkable service

is always about the customers 

rather than the products.

Rewarding with special offers other than

VIP customers can be a big plus.

Each and every person likes to receive

some gifts-card or discounts 

when they are making a purchase. 

This is all in order to generate more user engagement 

and gaining more potential trustworthy customers.

5. Set up a listener assistance center

This is something that is also known as customer support.

You would want to show your clients

that they are being heard and respected. 

Thus, the key to engaging your users is

to communicate effectively with them. 

Therefore, by noticing details,

you can develop a closer relationship with clients.

At this point, being effective is all that matters.

Provide a fast response 

by prioritizing the most important questions.

By doing so, you will strengthen your relationship 

with your customers even further.



Is Marketing Automation your ally?

Yes, if you use it properly.

Let’s suppose you own a business. What do you need for it to be up and running?

Yes, clients. Not only that but happy, satisfied, want to come back again and buy clients.

We are being Mr. Obvious now but it doesn’t hurt to send out a kind reminder from time to time.

Let’s not forget that customers are people.

Can Marketing Automation benefit your business?

Profiling your audience is crucial if you want to hit the target right.

Therefore, you can’t only rely on intuition and shoot aimlessly.

Strategy is everything.

You can interpret the data, apply it successfully and then get high-quality leads with Marketing Automation.

Having the right team by your side is just what you need because they can carefully measure prospects’ engagement levels, thus deliver appropriate content to them.

Sometimes, all you need to do either to gain or regain your client is to push pause on the communications for a bit.

Maybe change the tactics and stop sending out email campaigns and start with SMS automated texting because that’s what YOUR high-quality leads prefer.


There is this really inconvenient situation that might happen and which we want to avoid.

You may not be aware that if you send emails to people who are not interested in your organization, Google will penalize your business for having a low open rate and even those messages sent to engaged prospects will go to junk mail.

We know. It sounds pretty alarming because it is.

But don’t worry. Let’s look at some stats.

An infographic of people using Marketing Automation

Source: Marketo Benchmark on Revenue Performance as of Sept 15, 2012 (N=489)

According to Invespcro, 80% of companies saw an increase in leads thanks to Marketing Automation.

This is great information to know and we are happy to share it.

But don’t be surprised at these numbers.

Implementing Marketing Automation can track lead behavior, track lead information, score and qualify leads and prioritize hot leads. 

Another great thing that makes Marketing Automation your ally is personalization.

Personalized marketing is also called one-to-one marketing.

As we mentioned above your clients are people and people like it when they feel special and connected.

Using these tools and data to target or retarget leads with a brand message that speaks directly to them is going to make the clients appreciate your service.

Restrain from damaging your brand by not personalizing your messaging:

63% of consumers are irritated by brands using old-fashioned, generic messaging.

You see it for yourself. Take a look at the pictures below.

A personalized email

Which one of these two sounds more relatable to you?

We trust you with your keen eye. 

It’s not difficult to see the huge difference it could make if you sent out the first one. 

So, talk to them directly.


To conclude, Marketing Automation is definitely your ally.

There are different features and tools to choose from but we can help you see which ones your business most definitely needs.

The features On Point Pay has for you have the ability to increase positive reviews, send the bad ones to the backend, create multiple landing pages that convert, and many more.

Follow us for more blogs on the topic.



What’s Marketing Automation and does it really work?

Marketing is an essential part of doing business today.

Surely, selling products and services can be challenging at times.

Especially when you are trying to reach new customers and keep your retention at a certain level.

Making your business stand out and creating brand awareness is essential so you can reach your targeted group and make sure they are noticing you.

 As one of the leading global minds on what’s next in culture, relevance, and the internet, Gary Vee once said:

and we strongly agree.

Did you know that 85% of people 

go on Google and do the online research 

before making a purchase?

Having this mind and being aware 

that people buy emotions, not things means that,

if you want your respected clients to remember you

and your brand engaging with people is a must.

Thankfully, there is a way your business can grow while you are focusing on other aspects.

Boost your retention and maintain a good relationship with your clients without spending too much time on marketing.

  • It saves time, drives revenue, and increases your ROI.
 We are talking about Marketing Automation

It’s a technology that helps businesses grow by automating marketing processes.

The fact that there is a way to automate some of the manual and repetitive tasks that need to be done is life-saving.

Now your messages can be delivered to the right person at the right time.

There are a lot of types of marketing automation you can choose as your strategy and we’ve listed a few.

 Email Automation

Email is not dead. 

It is still one of the best lead generation channels out there. You can take your email campaigns to the next level with automation.

Now, whenever a customer makes a purchase they can get an automated, personalized email that gives them just the right information.

Or send them another one from the workflow that gives them a coupon for the next purchase they make if they bring a friend.

And customers do appreciate this. Very much.

Lead Generation

We need quality leads to increase conversion rates.

Let us first tell you what “lead generation” means for those who are new to marketing automation.

So, a lead is anybody who’s shown interest in your product or service.

Acquiring new leads, walking them through the funnel, and maintaining a healthy relationship with them is important for every business.

There are various marketing strategies to acquire leads such as blogging, social media marketing, or website landing pages.

Since we are talking about strategies, why don’t we see how using landing page automation helps a business.


Landing Page

Landing pages are primarily used to boost conversion rates.

Potential clients need to clearly know the point, what’s in it for them, a strong and precisely written call to action.

There are some marketing automation platforms that can help you with creating an engaging landing page.

Make it be SEO and Mobile friendly which is really important if you want your page on Google search and delivered in the right hands. 🙂

The next thing we are going to write about is what you definitely need for your business.

You’ll see why.

Say Goodbye to Bad Reviews

How’s this even possible? It is!

If you are now saying something along the lines of “Who reads reviews anyway”, well 93% of customers do.

This is not shocking at all.

People need to get all the information needed before making a purchase.

Can we give a worst-case scenario for a second?

We don’t want to scare you, just show you the bigger picture.

Let’s say you own a hair salon and today one of your customers was a bit on edge, she leaves the salon, receives an automated message to leave a review on Google and she gives you 1 star.


Again, we have great news. There are some useful tools that send the unfortunate reviews to the backend and only show the good ones.

This is life-saving, we know!

Let’s save your lives once again.


Smart WIFI Lead Capture System

This new technology allows you to capture lead data in exchange for offering social-powered WiFi to your customers.

With the whole world using smartphones and always wanting to be connected to the Internet, this social WiFi system is the key to helping you grow your business.

Smart Line

By using Smart Line you can use a high converting method to collect phone numbers of your leads and customers.

Your approach can be more personalized and it can help you motivate existing customers to return.

As you can see marketing automation really works.

All these marketing automation tools and many other have the ability to reach customers in a more personalized manner creating a special experience for them.

By tracking how your customers behave, you can now automate your marketing just the way they expect.

Take advantage of these tools 

and make the right decisions to upscale your business.


Process your money securely while we grow your client base.