It is too obvious that customer engagement is a crucial thing. 

How else can you get loyal customers and invoke potential ones?

The 21st century is the time of “customer is always right” 

besides that consumers expect brands to be attentive 

not only to their needs but to anticipate them, as well.

Getting to know your customers

is the first step and also the key to successful


Meet their needs, make sure they are heard, 

show them you care, and that you would do anything 

to help them solve their problems.

Why is Customer Engagement so Important?

As mentioned before, engaged customers are loyal customers. 

This means they will provide you with brand growth, 

they will always rely on your services, 

plus they’ll literally become your walking ads. 

Yes, if the customers are satisfied,

there’s a big chance

they will spread a good word about your business, 

thus attracting a targeted group of consumers.

Brands that cultivate customer engagement 

emphasize value creation 

by connecting with customers 

on a more meaningful level than merely selling.

Let’s check out the best ways 

on how to increase customer engagement!

1. Personalized messages 

and communication

Put yourself in customers’ shoes. 

Would you rather like to

receive an automated computer message 

or one with a personalized and friendly tone?

Thanks to the technology, this could be done in several ways

like personalized emails and messages,

social media accounts, in-product messaging,

and also by using the customer support.

Numerous channels are offered 

and you can choose whichever you like the best.

But, if you want our recommendation, 

in-product messaging has proven to be the most effective.

Well, in-product messaging 

or IPM sends messages to the end-users 

that are directly tied to their internet-connected device. 

These messages can be about informing,

 getting feedback, or marketing as well.


Receiving messages is done on different devices like computers, 

smartphones, iPads, or tablets.

The advent of new channels, including IPM, 

enables companies to reach customers 

during the most critical moment,

whether it’s a marketing message or customer support related.


2. Increase customer engagement through a WiFi connection


If you let your customer use Smart WiFi

you are just one step closer

to increasing the number of loyal customers.

This automatic tool can create

a greater level of customer engagement 

while capturing their data 

and promoting your products and offers.

Additionally, you will be able

to reward your customers for sharing your products 

and offers on social media via this method.

3. Engage the most influential users

Even if you are at the beginning of your business, 

you are probably having a few engaged users.

Those users can also be your friends or your connoisseurs,

that can help you with your promotion. 

Or even the loyal customers 

that are there from the very beginning.

With their involvement,

you can create some of the most innovative 

and mutually beneficial relationships.

When it comes to product launches, 

this strategy has proven particularly effective.

Because both sides can have a good benefit. 

You can let customers see a preview of your product 

while in exchange you ask them to help you promote it 

on social media accounts or various blogs.

4. Provide VIP customers with special promotions 

and introduce a reward system


If you are not sure who your VIP customers are, let us help.

A VIP customer is not always the one

who is in alignment with your brand, 

but certainly is one of your top consumers.

Those users are usually the ones

that are there from the very beginning 

are kind of “permanent” consumers. 

They have used your services many times 

and they always come back for your products.


This is the way to detect your VIPs 

and know that they are the key

to spreading the good word

about your business to other people.

As mentioned above, the “permanent” customers 

are not one-time consumers

and because of that, they should feel special. 

Therefore, you are ensuring

and retaining loyal customers 

while targeting potential ones.

You can achieve all that 

by getting to know your customers.

By determining the needs 

and motivations of these VIP customers, 

you will have gained long-term value

that is crucial to the success of your business.


Be careful when doing this. 

If you somehow go in the wrong way, 

you might lose them. 

So, remember this, remarkable service

is always about the customers 

rather than the products.

Rewarding with special offers other than

VIP customers can be a big plus.

Each and every person likes to receive

some gifts-card or discounts 

when they are making a purchase. 

This is all in order to generate more user engagement 

and gaining more potential trustworthy customers.

5. Set up a listener assistance center

This is something that is also known as customer support.

You would want to show your clients

that they are being heard and respected. 

Thus, the key to engaging your users is

to communicate effectively with them. 

Therefore, by noticing details,

you can develop a closer relationship with clients.

At this point, being effective is all that matters.

Provide a fast response 

by prioritizing the most important questions.

By doing so, you will strengthen your relationship 

with your customers even further.



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