How to beat them without a fight?


The Spa Industry is rapidly growing because people are finally seeing the benefits of having quality “me time”.

This is great news for the people in this business.

What it also means though is that we’ll be seeing more and more spas emerging.

The problem we are alluding to is not only attracting the clients but also providing them with excellent, ongoing service and care that will make them come back to your place.

This is not an easy job to do.

People are often hard to please and they really do expect a full-lounge experience in these surroundings.


The good news is that we are now easy on money and we don’t mind spending it on something that will put us in the zen mode but it needs to be “perfect” and worthy.

22,054 Health & Wellness Spas are operating right now, according to the US Statistics.

It’s vital to somehow find a way to stand out among the crowd and beat them without a fight.


Marketing Automation is thriving right now.

Using the right tools, businesses can now reach a huge number of people in a personalized way on various online and offline channels.

One of the biggest opportunities marketers have today is the ability to create targeted marketing campaign on a large scale.

Automation even allows you to follow up on every hot lead immediately.

You can count on your automation system to keep busy even when you are away.

There are various marketing automation tools and features available.

The basic tools and features are email marketing, lead management, personalized messaging, landing page


Lead management allows you to:

  • Identify prospects and capture leads

  • Analyze their movement through the sales funnel

  • Keep track of potential buyers

  • Customize content and sales outreach

Your email marketing platform

should provide features like:

  • Triggered emails — based on events, time, occasions, etc.
  • Engage your customers with customized emails and earn their loyalty
  • Scheduled messages
  • Sorting and categorizing email groups according to priority.
  • Keeping track of email campaigns for validation and bounce rate reduction
  • Tracking communication and customer behavior through the number of opens, clicks, etc.

These are some of the fundamental features every marketing automation software should have.

On Point offers supplementary tools that can boost revenue

increase customer retention and improve online presence.


Since you have a business, you must also be processing payments, otherwise, you wouldn’t have clients.

As a credit card processing company, we are making sure that you are provided with 

information regarding chargebacks and fees on time 

and your payments are processed with the latest technology.

On Point Pay Credit Card Processing Equipment

What you can always do is schedule a call and you’ll get all the information needed to make the transfer.

A piece of additional information you’ll receive is that this is the first credit card processor that implements free marketing automation tools.

Sounds too good to be true, but you might be surprised.

Below, we provided you with an infographic on the marketing automation tools we have in offer.

Free Marketing Automation Tools with On Point Pay

There are going to be more blogs on the topic going in-depth about the marketing automation tools the company On Point Pay offers, so stay tuned.

We can help you attract the right prospects, engage them to build relationships, and close more sales opportunities.

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