The answer is Lead Generation.

Let’s start off with a question: What is a “lead”?

First of all, it’s a person.

What we all know but sometimes forget is that the key to a healthy relationship is communication.


Transparent communication and showing honest care builds up trust.

At the end of the day, this is what Lead Generation is all about.



Therefore, a lead is simply someone or an organization interested in what you offer.


The interest is expressed by sharing contact information, like an email ID, a phone number, or even a social media handle.


Not every lead is a good lead though and it doesn’t mean that all of them are going to eventually buy from you, but you still should never stop anybody from entering the sales funnel.


Nevertheless, there is something called an “ideal” lead.


Your existing customers are a good place to start when defining your ideal lead.

Is there anything they have in common?

What are the similarities and differences in their demographics?

First, you should decide what an ideal lead looks like for your company and then define a profile so that your sales and marketing teams can put more focus on those leads.


Because relationships require nurturing.

Information is power, especially in marketing.

In order to attract people and turn them into loyal customers, you’ll need to personalize your approach or let’s be real, approaches.

For that, you need info.

The question is, how do you get the valuable data and pieces of information?


The best way to make this topic more understandable to you is to go through some of our marketing automation tools and see how they can help you gather data and use them in the best way possible.


  • *Note: Be aware that people will be in different stages of buying.

Why is this important? 

Some people are maybe in the first stage, getting to know the business, 

gathering information and you try to sell them the product fiercely?

It won’t end well. You’ll lose them pretty fast.


For example, Email Marketing is still alive and kicking.

It is one of the best ways to keep your customers engaged and alert.

You can educate, inform, thank your clients using this marketing tool and trust us, they are going to appreciate the effort.

Especially if they feel and know that you’re intention is genuine.




Another excellent free automation tool that you can use for data collection is Smart WiFi.

You can easily set it and it has a seamless login so when guests return to your venue the network remembers their details.

This way your customers won’t miss out on any of your offers.

Based on the collected data, you’ll be able to make smarter moves.

Now that you’ve captured data, sent personalized, automated emails or texts


Reputation Management needs to be the top priority.


Since we live in the digital era, online reviews have become an inevitable part of every business.

What’s also inevitable are bad reviews that can hurt a business’s reputation.

We had this in mind therefore with our Smart Review Technology the bad reviews are sent to the backend and only the good ones are shown.

We believe this is a good approach because, while working on the unfortunate reviews and their resolution, your reputation is safe.

Capturing leads doesn’t have to be difficult and impossible.

Yes, it requires strategy and planning but when done correctly with the tools you need lead generation is going to become something you actually enjoy doing.

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