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Strategy vs Tactic


Strategy is success.

There is a reason we want to start the article about cross-channel marketing talking about strategy.

If a company has an unclear sense of its direction, how can it have hope of attaining its goals?

The vision of the desired future needs to be clear.

After this, implementing the strategy with commitment, consistency and determination is the key.

Strategy and tactic are equally important.

Let’s make sure you can differentiate them easily.

Strategy is the overall plan for deploying resources to establish a favorable position; 

a tactic is a scheme for a specific action.

However, being strategic doesn’t always mean having a detailed plan.

Sometimes, what it takes are simply clear ideas of what you want to achieve 

and how you’d want to achieve that.


and Cross-channel Marketing


Cross-channel marketing simply means staying in communication 

with your customer through various channels.

Making a strong online presence and building a relationship with the clients

ensures better visibility and more sales.

Note that there is a difference between multi-channel and cross-channel marketing.

The key distinction is that the multi-channels are separate and cross channels allow customers to easily hop from one channel to another during the same journey.

Channels are connected and communicate with one another, as well as a central data platform, to provide a cohesive, personalized experience across each channel.

Customers expect to have a seamless experience interacting with all of the channels before they make a purchase.

Fortunately, they also leave a wealth of data that the marketing team can collect, 

later on, examine thoroughly and send personalized messages/emails to them 

regardless of the channel of communication.

This is why Marketing Automation can improve your cross-channel campaign.

Different marketing automation tools collect different kinds of data.

  1. A web analytics tool will gather data on what a customer does on your website(s).
  1. The services of email marketing will allow you to segment customers based on various parameters, resulting in enhanced insight into customer engagement.
  1. With Smart WiFi you can collect customer data, send valuable offers and promote your loyalty programs and referral rewards.
  1. With Smart Line you can take advantage of every call and increase sales.

The bottom line is that a cross-channel marketing campaign is here to make sure your message is delivered at the right time, to the right person on a channel they prefer.

Meet them where they are 

because they expect you there.

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