Yes, if you use it properly.

Let’s suppose you own a business. What do you need for it to be up and running?

Yes, clients. Not only that but happy, satisfied, want to come back again and buy clients.

We are being Mr. Obvious now but it doesn’t hurt to send out a kind reminder from time to time.

Let’s not forget that customers are people.

Can Marketing Automation benefit your business?

Profiling your audience is crucial if you want to hit the target right.

Therefore, you can’t only rely on intuition and shoot aimlessly.

Strategy is everything.

You can interpret the data, apply it successfully and then get high-quality leads with Marketing Automation.

Having the right team by your side is just what you need because they can carefully measure prospects’ engagement levels, thus deliver appropriate content to them.

Sometimes, all you need to do either to gain or regain your client is to push pause on the communications for a bit.

Maybe change the tactics and stop sending out email campaigns and start with SMS automated texting because that’s what YOUR high-quality leads prefer.


There is this really inconvenient situation that might happen and which we want to avoid.

You may not be aware that if you send emails to people who are not interested in your organization, Google will penalize your business for having a low open rate and even those messages sent to engaged prospects will go to junk mail.

We know. It sounds pretty alarming because it is.

But don’t worry. Let’s look at some stats.

An infographic of people using Marketing Automation

Source: Marketo Benchmark on Revenue Performance as of Sept 15, 2012 (N=489)

According to Invespcro, 80% of companies saw an increase in leads thanks to Marketing Automation.

This is great information to know and we are happy to share it.

But don’t be surprised at these numbers.

Implementing Marketing Automation can track lead behavior, track lead information, score and qualify leads and prioritize hot leads. 

Another great thing that makes Marketing Automation your ally is personalization.

Personalized marketing is also called one-to-one marketing.

As we mentioned above your clients are people and people like it when they feel special and connected.

Using these tools and data to target or retarget leads with a brand message that speaks directly to them is going to make the clients appreciate your service.

Restrain from damaging your brand by not personalizing your messaging:

63% of consumers are irritated by brands using old-fashioned, generic messaging.

You see it for yourself. Take a look at the pictures below.

A personalized email

Which one of these two sounds more relatable to you?

We trust you with your keen eye. 

It’s not difficult to see the huge difference it could make if you sent out the first one. 

So, talk to them directly.


To conclude, Marketing Automation is definitely your ally.

There are different features and tools to choose from but we can help you see which ones your business most definitely needs.

The features On Point Pay has for you have the ability to increase positive reviews, send the bad ones to the backend, create multiple landing pages that convert, and many more.

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