A WiFi that does more for your business than any other tool.


There are over 23 billion devices connected to the Internet.

In 2016, there were approximately 7 billion people living on the planet and over 23 billion devices connected to the Internet which is an average of 3 devices per person.


Nikola Tesla predicted this legendary innovation: 

When wireless is perfectly applied to the whole earth it will be converted into a huge brain,” Tesla said in a 1926 interview. 


Successful people jump at opportunities and take advantage of them.

The phrase taking advantage is often misconstrued as something negative.

It doesn’t always have to be perceived that way.


Let me clarify.


Here’s a fact – 65.6% check their phones up to 160 times per day.

We engage in our virtual world not only for fun or to waste time. 

We also await the call from our overseas friend we haven’t talked to in a while, or we have to send our CV and apply for the position we’ve been longing for.

Free WiFi is therefore essential for your customers.

In fact, they expect it. Make sure they have the experiences they need.



Ok, so… You read the data, but how can you use it?

Ultimately, we live in a business world. 

You want to sell your products and services and ensure your family’s well-being.

Smart WiFi automated tool gives you the opportunity to capture your customers’ data once they log in to the WiFi. 

You use this data to know exactly how your customers feel and eventually provide them with the best possible solution.


You see – this is a win-win situation.


The best thing about this tool is that it allows you, once you evaluate the data to present your best offers while they are already in the store or even when they are close by it.


Since customers leave their email before they are allowed to log in, you can use these emails to your advantage and send them targeted and well-thought-out campaigns to keep them updated at all times.

You can even send them a thank you message for being loyal customers.

The bottom line is both the business and customers have the chance to benefit.


How to set it up?


On Point Pay is a merchant service company that offers 11 Marketing Automation Tools to its clients free of charge. 

The first step is to schedule a call and you’ll be guided through the whole process by one of our lovely people from the marketing team to see if you qualify.


Once your qualification is approved, the process starts. 

The WiFi system is very easy to set up, so there is no need to hire technicians and thus have additional financial costs.

What you do get is the remote assistance and monitoring so you are secured through every step when you implement it.



*With Social WiFi marketing, our clients see an average growth of 20% within the first month.



Custom reports feature gives you a detailed view of key metrics and accomplished results.

Keep track of the progress your company is making with the WiFi system.

And don’t worry.

Control your Smart WiFi for all locations from one dashboard. 

Keep all of the information you’ve gathered in the CRM.

That way you build a relationship with your customers who in return show you loyalty by being regular clients.


When you are ready to gather data in a fast, simple and unique way,

schedule a call with On Point Pay.