What is Credit Card Processing?

If you are confused about credit card processing, how the whole process goes and how it works, don’t worry.

We are here to help you.

We did our best to simplify each and every step so that the process can be done with ease.

Today, a lot of businesses are using credit card processing.

Whether it’s just a payment in a local cafe shop, big market, or even some expensive home appliances, you will be able to make a payment by using your credit card.

But, this does not refer only to when you are the buyer!

When you want to run your business as well, you should know the basic steps on how credit card processing works.

This is actually a crucial thing in times of pandemics!

Due to all the restrictions but especially for being cautious and staying safe, we wanna avoid all the unnecessary touching.

This situation occurs when the customer needs to make a payment for its purchase. Instead of counting cash, transferring it from customer to customer, it’s way safer to use a credit card.

Not only is it better for our health but it’s more convenient, easier, and quicker to checkout.

Let’s see how we can do that and learn the basics of credit card processing!

What is Credit Card Processing?

Credit Card Processing is a process when the other party, usually the customer, is transferring money from his/her bank account to the vendors/yours, with the aim to successfully pay for purchased goods.

Of course, every business should be able to accept cash and this method is very important as well, but credit card payment is more efficient for both parties.

Who and what is involved in that process?

1. Consumer — known as the credit card holder, and at the same time in terms of sale the Customer that is making the purchase. 

2. Merchant — is the vendor having its own business and at the same time a provider of the services that consumer is getting. 

3. Credit card processor — a small compact machine or mechanism responsible for transferring the payment. It is also known as a payment processor that is responsible for the connection between the parties ie. the merchant, the credit card network, and the bank of the cardholder. 

Credit Card payments can be done in two ways:

Directly -is when you use your traditional consumer plastic card for the purchase.

Indirectly — is when a customer is using CC processing. This means that the payment will be done by using a digital wallet on customers’ iPhones or Android phones.

This is also known as a payment gateway. This term stands for connecting the merchant to a credit card processor.

A payment gateway merges with card-present directly or indirectly/ A payment gateway connects with your card directly or indirectly, takes details of the payment, and directs credit card data towards a payment processor or the merchant bank for authorization.

When the process is done, the merchant will receive a message whether the payment was approved or somehow declined.

It’s very important for every business to have this method of paying.

If not, they are risking budget decline plus the customers will not be satisfied with the full services that they can have.

To make sure you avoid this unpleasant situation, let’s learn about credit card processing more following our next blog post!

What’s Marketing Automation and does it really work?

Marketing is an essential part of doing business today.

Surely, selling products and services can be challenging at times.

Especially when you are trying to reach new customers and keep your retention at a certain level.

Making your business stand out and creating brand awareness is essential so you can reach your targeted group and make sure they are noticing you.

 As one of the leading global minds on what’s next in culture, relevance, and the internet, Gary Vee once said:

and we strongly agree.

Did you know that 85% of people 

go on Google and do the online research 

before making a purchase?

Having this mind and being aware 

that people buy emotions, not things means that,

if you want your respected clients to remember you

and your brand engaging with people is a must.

Thankfully, there is a way your business can grow while you are focusing on other aspects.

Boost your retention and maintain a good relationship with your clients without spending too much time on marketing.

  • It saves time, drives revenue, and increases your ROI.
 We are talking about Marketing Automation

It’s a technology that helps businesses grow by automating marketing processes.

The fact that there is a way to automate some of the manual and repetitive tasks that need to be done is life-saving.

Now your messages can be delivered to the right person at the right time.

There are a lot of types of marketing automation you can choose as your strategy and we’ve listed a few.

 Email Automation

Email is not dead. 

It is still one of the best lead generation channels out there. You can take your email campaigns to the next level with automation.

Now, whenever a customer makes a purchase they can get an automated, personalized email that gives them just the right information.

Or send them another one from the workflow that gives them a coupon for the next purchase they make if they bring a friend.

And customers do appreciate this. Very much.

Lead Generation

We need quality leads to increase conversion rates.

Let us first tell you what “lead generation” means for those who are new to marketing automation.

So, a lead is anybody who’s shown interest in your product or service.

Acquiring new leads, walking them through the funnel, and maintaining a healthy relationship with them is important for every business.

There are various marketing strategies to acquire leads such as blogging, social media marketing, or website landing pages.

Since we are talking about strategies, why don’t we see how using landing page automation helps a business.


Landing Page

Landing pages are primarily used to boost conversion rates.

Potential clients need to clearly know the point, what’s in it for them, a strong and precisely written call to action.

There are some marketing automation platforms that can help you with creating an engaging landing page.

Make it be SEO and Mobile friendly which is really important if you want your page on Google search and delivered in the right hands. 🙂

The next thing we are going to write about is what you definitely need for your business.

You’ll see why.

Say Goodbye to Bad Reviews

How’s this even possible? It is!

If you are now saying something along the lines of “Who reads reviews anyway”, well 93% of customers do.

This is not shocking at all.

People need to get all the information needed before making a purchase.

Can we give a worst-case scenario for a second?

We don’t want to scare you, just show you the bigger picture.

Let’s say you own a hair salon and today one of your customers was a bit on edge, she leaves the salon, receives an automated message to leave a review on Google and she gives you 1 star.


Again, we have great news. There are some useful tools that send the unfortunate reviews to the backend and only show the good ones.

This is life-saving, we know!

Let’s save your lives once again.


Smart WIFI Lead Capture System

This new technology allows you to capture lead data in exchange for offering social-powered WiFi to your customers.

With the whole world using smartphones and always wanting to be connected to the Internet, this social WiFi system is the key to helping you grow your business.

Smart Line

By using Smart Line you can use a high converting method to collect phone numbers of your leads and customers.

Your approach can be more personalized and it can help you motivate existing customers to return.

As you can see marketing automation really works.

All these marketing automation tools and many other have the ability to reach customers in a more personalized manner creating a special experience for them.

By tracking how your customers behave, you can now automate your marketing just the way they expect.

Take advantage of these tools 

and make the right decisions to upscale your business.


Process your money securely while we grow your client base.