Let's dissect your Marketing Strategy!

Yes, we meant what we said.

This time your business will be the one that is getting the upgrades. Thanks to Marketing Automation, any issues you may have can be resolved quickly and easily. You’ve heard of Marketing Automation, right? 

It is one of the easiest, yet most convenient ways to reach potential clients. The loyalty of your customers is the key to increasing your revenue. Most of them have connections that are having the same needs or share a similar point of view. This means that when targeting a potential group your previous clients would literally be walking ads. 

How do you reach and make contact with potential customers?

Marketing automation is the answer to your prayers. Notify your clients about special offers and actually give them a reason to recommend your business. 

How can you implement that in real life? 

Through the 100% automated text and email marketing campaigns. Make an offer to your clients with a special discount for their next visit if they recommend you to their friends. This way you are reaching your targeted groups and rewarding your clients while they are giving back to you by showing their loyalty.

Customer Loyalty Program

Besides personalized messages, you can make them feel special with the Customer Loyalty Program

Rewarding them with the most exclusive offers will certainly result in boosting retention and making a supportive remark.

Reaching out to targeted audiences can be challenging at times, especially if your google reviews aren’t filed up and full of supportive testimonials. 

With Reputation Management you’ll increase number of reviews by up to 34%. 

While increasing good reviews, there is a risk of increasing the bad ones, too. Luckily, we can make sure that you are the only one seeing them, because they are going to the backend. Now you can work on negative feedbacks without damaging your online reputation. 

If you want to stand out – improve your online visibility with unlimited number of landing pages for your services. 


Wondering how to implement these tools and get marketing automation at all?

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OnPoint Pay, a merchant service provider offers all of this complimentary!

We are a merchant service company, with years of experience in this field. 

What we’ve learned so far is that in our industry we are all offering basically the same thing. 

Sure there are small discrepancies in terms of fees, but what we want to provide to you is a chance to grow together: 

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3-5 times higher conversion rate
37% better retention
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